National Film Score Day

I decided on an impromptu movie for National Film Score Day! With baseball season starting up last week, it only made sense to watch The Natural!

Director: Barry Levinson
Music: Randy Newman

This is one of my favorite sports movies. Because of this movie, I became a fan of Robert Redford! (I also gained a mistrust of Barbara Hershey.) There are a lot of familiar faces in this movie that I grew up watching in TV shows and films.

The Natural is based on Bernard Malamud’s novel, which I still have on my “To Read” list. It’s the story of Roy Hobbs, who has a “natural” talent of playing baseball. The film itself is wonderful and, in my opinion, impeccable.

I didn’t know until recently that the music was by Randy Newman! The film’s score is classic, inspiring, and emotive. The main theme for the film is iconic and can still be heard at baseball stadiums around the country!

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