Film Score Friday: The Social Network

I wanted to move from well-known composers & directors to black composers & directors for the month of February. Now, I want to shift to lesser-known-but-amazing-yet-overlooked composers & directors.

Director: David Fincher
Music: Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

Personally, I think the score for The Social Network is one of the best in this century (so far). It fits the film perfectly. It’s clever. It’s ominous. It’s driven. Since The Social Network, I have been attuned to the works of Reznor & Ross. (HBO’s Watchmen, anyone?)

The Social Network was also clever, ominous, and driven. Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin didn’t write this as the story of Facebook. He wrote it as a story of “friendship, loyalty, jealousy, class, and power.” The entire film is tense and just plain smart.

I love the entire score. All. Of. It. So, here are a few tracks that stand out for me. One of the most clever arrangements is “In the Hall of the Mountain King.”

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