St. Simons Island, GA

This trip was what the Family needed for a “reset!”

Originally, the plan was to cross off Alabama by going to Gulf Shores. However, Hurricane Sally had other plans! The condo that we rented cancelled our reservation because they took on some damage. We could’ve booked another condo in the area, but Mom and Dad were a bit concerned with any flooding that may have happened in the area.

This family will color in the state of Alabama another day!

Solution: head to the Atlantic!

The Family decided to drive to Saint Simons Island in Georgia. We booked a condo and spent every day on the beach. Doing nothing. It was exactly what Mom wanted to do!

The weather was great! We got some of the leftovers of Tropical Storm insert name here. (We can’t keep up!) It was warm (but windy) and it drizzled on-and-off Monday and Tuesday, but it didn’t keep the kids from playing in the ocean! The sun peeked in on Wednesday, then decided to come out completely on Thursday!

Notable moments:

  • There were lots of lizards and frogs at our condo!
  • Roo enjoyed watching the skimmers, and they were very friendly showing her how to do it!
  • A family was catching minnows to use as bait. They gave some to Bug so she could feed a heron.
  • We watched a pod of dolphins swim along the beach!
  • Roo inadvertently swam with a baby hammerhead shark! (It was right next to her while we were floating over the waves!)
  • Bug ate some breaded-and-broiled oysters…and loved them!

We spent our evenings watching Cartoon Network (because none of our vacations are complete unless we watch 4 hours of Teen Titans Go!) and playing board games that we brought. Dad picked up some local seafood for the dinners, and we went out for dinner on our last night.

After checking out on Friday, we took a detour to Savannah. Here’s how that went:

  • We went to Chippewa Square (where scenes from “Forrest Gump” were filmed.
  • When in Savannah, we must visit The Savannah Bee Company! The girls got new lip balms, Mom got some lotion, and we got some honey sticks. (Nevertheless, we sampled everything.)
  • We ate lunch at The Shrimp Factory, where Bug tried the Praline Cheesecake…and loved it!
  • Roo passed up dessert so she could make a glorious return to the Savannah Candy Kitchen!
  • Dad picked up 4 bottles of Savannah Bourbon! Two were Savannah Bourbon & Honey (made with Savannah Bee Sourwood Honey)!

After finally making it to and driving through Atlanta, the Family stopped in Marietta for dinner…at KFC’s Big Chicken!

We may not have been able to color in Alabama, but we absolutely enjoyed ourselves…and we definitely hit that “reset” button!

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