House Update!

We visited the farm today to check up on our house’s progress. It was so exciting to see!

A view of the front of the house

You can see the large window of the guest room/Erik’s office. The walls on the front porch are all wrapped!

A view of the back of the house

I love how this is all turning out! The large window to the left is our dining room.

The screened-in porch

This was most exciting for me! It’s a good size and I can’t wait to see it finished!

The family room

Our fireplace design is coming along! It turns out we will be unable to do a wood burning fireplace, so we settled on a vent-free gas fireplace. We were able to keep the see-through design! Yay!

Kitchen, dining room, and prep kitchen

Our dining room is gonna be so nice with all the windows! (I seriously got that idea from playing Sims FreePlay!) I was SO excited to see my prep kitchen coming along!

The Cellar

The cellar is bigger than I thought it would be! We have the lower vent in place, but we’re still working out the upper vent.

The mud room

After seeing all the rooms framed up, we were able to see any « dead spots. » For example, there’s one behind the mud room that goes under our stairs (above the cellar). So, it looks like we’re gonna have a cupboard under the stairs!!! Yay for more storage space!

The guest room/Erik’s office

Erik’s already planned out this room. He wants to put a Murphy bed in the nook to the right of the window. He will have his desk facing the window, back towards the opposite wall.

Where do these stairs go? They go up.

We were able to walk around upstairs and see what our bedroom views look like. I didn’t get any pics because I was hyper aware of my kids goofing around (one of them wearing Crocs!) with all the wood up there and no walls!

However, Roo snapped a pic of the view from where her window will be!

I. Can. Not. Wait!!!

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