Film Score Friday: Noah

For the last several years, it became a tradition to watch The Passion on Good Friday. My girls know the story of the crucifixion, and they’ve grown tired of the scourging scene, so I decided to change it up this year. I was trying to find a good Christian story with a good film score. Because we just watched A Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly, why not watch Noah?

Director: Darren Aronofsky
Music: Clint Mansell

Noah has some strong acting performances. I think Darren Aronofsky is a great director, and this was a great telling of a timeless epic tale. The film has its critics, though. (Mostly Christians.) Regardless, the story was successfully brought to a wide variety of viewers from different religious backgrounds.

Clint Mansell has composed a few film scores for Aronofsky, including Black Swan, The Fountain, The Wrestler, Pi, and Requiem for a Dream (an AMAZING film score). He has a wonderful catalog of work that I love listening to. FYI: Mansell was mentored by Trent Reznor, another favorite composer of mine!

The film’s score is just as epic as the movie itself, leaving room for tender familial moments. You definitely hear the Reznor-inspired themes in the electronic-rock sounds. I love the opening cue of “In the Beginning, There Was Nothing.” The track is both harsh and elegant, representing the descendants of Cain, as well as Noah and his task.

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