Spring Breakin’

We did a few things this year for our spring break because we decided not to take a week-long vacation.

First, we needed to cross off a state! It’s been a minute and our official map is stored away in storage. The state of Alabama has been staring at us, asking, “Why not me?” for a while now. We keep driving through the state to get to other places, but we never do anything there!

Finally, we decided on visiting The US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville. It was a lot of fun…and educational! We attended a presentation in the planetarium about the Webb Telescope, which we knew nothing about until this trip! It was neat learning about upcoming missions. Since I’m a history nerd, I loved the Saturn V exhibit and all the hands-on activities.

We stayed the night in Huntsville, enjoying the indoor swimming pool, before driving back to TN.


After spending a night at home, we prepped for our camping adventure on our soon-to-be farm! We invited family to join us and had quite the time!

We bought a yurt, and I love it! I spent some time using my new bolo machete to clean up the wooded area around our pond. We played games (including kickball), had a bonfire, danced and sang, ate kebabs and smores…and survived the freezing overnight temps! After breakfast and packing up, we took time to teach gun safety to the girls.

That night, I took the girls to a local high school to see some of their theatre friends in a production of Les Miserables: School Edition. I was floored by how amazing their performance was!

After another night at home, we headed out to the lake house for a couple nights. We took the girls to the Appalachian Center for Craft for the annual Celebration of Craft.

It was a busy week, and it’s taking time to get back in our routine! The break was well-deserved and welcomed!

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