Film Score Friday: The Pink Panther

I’ve given my girls some heavy movies for the past few weeks, so it’s definitely time for some humor!

Director: Blake Edwards
Music: Henry Mancini

This is such a fun classic! For those who are unfamiliar: The “Pink Panther” is the name of a pink diamond that has a flaw at the center in the shape of a leaping panther. What’s interesting is that David Niven was meant to be the star of this film, but Peter Sellers stole the show as Inspector Clouseau!

Although he has dramas on his resume, Blake Edwards is best known for his comedies. I was torn between The Pink Panther and Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but chose The Pink Panther because I have to do a lot less explaining when it comes to peoples’ professions.

Henry Mancini’s score for The Pink Panther is jazzy and funky and fun! The main theme is easily recognizable and full of a feline mixture of mystery and loping gait. I also enjoy the tracks “The Tiber Twist” and “Shades of Sennett.” The music serves the film and encapsulates the times.

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