Film Score Friday: Always

Many moons ago, I discovered the collaborations of Steven Spielberg and John Williams. While listening to a compilation CD of some of their work, I discovered the movie Always. I found it at the video store (shoutout to Village Video … RIP) and watched it a few times. When my barely-teenaged brain finally understood what was going on, I loved it! Plus, Dreyfuss, Hunter, and Goodman?! Yes!!!

Directed by Steven Spielberg
Music by John Williams

For those not familiar with the movie, it’s about a pilot (Pete, played by Richard Dreyfuss) who takes risks and causes worries for his pilot girlfriend (Dorinda, played by Holly Hunter) and best friend (Al, played by John Goodman). It all catches up with Pete, and he meets an angel (played by Audrey Hepburn in her last film role) who explains that his purpose in his afterlife is to guide others. Of course, he returns to his mourning friends, who are trying to move on … and there’s a new pilot being trained. This movie is about love, death, and letting go.

The non-score music is great. “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” is very prominent as Pete and Dorinda’s “song.” Plus, they are fire-fighting pilots, so it’s quite appropriate! Jimmy Buffett’s “Boomerang Love” makes an appearance as well. My favorite score track from John Williams is the Title Theme.

It starts off with a lovely piano, then crescendos with an orchestra before softening. To me, it reminds me of a sunrise! Then it begins to feel like a plane flying. There is an analogy of flying and angels here, but I can’t put it into words!

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