Film Score Friday: Father of the Bride

Okay, we need some comedy in our lives!

Directed by Charles Shyer
Music by Alan Silvestri

Father of the Bride is one of those movies that is fun and warm. It has one of my favorite comedic duos: Steve Martin and Martin Short. It’s a remake of a 1950 film…which was remade again in 2022. But, this version is my favorite!

We watch Steve Martin’s George Banks grapple with feeling irrelevant in his daughter’s life. It’s overall charming, albeit old-fashioned, but my generation and my parents’ generation relate most to the feelings that the characters exhibit.

This is a feel-good family comedy, and the film’s score mirrors the genre. Alan Silvestri uses a lot of jazz elements throughout the score. The music is light and cheerful, sweet and romantic, and has some recurring themes. The Main Title is one of Silvestri’s best. It has a wedding-themed classical repertoire and lush Hollywood sentimentality…with a touch of light big-band jazz.

I think that the theme of Kimberly Williams Paisley’s Annie is also notable. There are a few tracks for her, but my favorite is My Annie’s Gone. It is soft and romantic, and it truly symbolizes George’s one final moment of reflective nostalgia.

The score and the movie appeal to sentimental suckers like me!

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