Winter Break Cruise

We are taking this week off from Film Score Friday. The Roo is in Atlanta having the time of her life at the Junior Theatre Festival! She will be surrounded by other musical theatre lovers for the weekend as her group competes for awards!

FYI: Bug and I watched the movie version of “Les Miserables” today because I took the girls to see the live production at TPAC in Nashville this week!

Instead, here are pics from our cruise before Christmas!

Erik had a work event in Miami, so he went a day early. This was my first time flying solo with the girls. And this was the first time in forever flying without Erik! I am so used to dividing and conquering: he takes care of boarding passes, IDs, rideshares, etc. I wrangle the kids! Thankfully, my anxiety didn’t shoot through the roof and we made it to Miami intact!

We spent 2 nights in Miami before heading to the port to board our ship!

We departed Miami, then spent the next day at sea.

When we got to Nassau, we spent the day at the beach!

The next morning was disembarkation day.

We stayed in Miami for another night, taking the opportunity to relax by the pool and find some yummy Cuban food!

It was a fun trip, and it was a welcomed break from the hustle and bustle of our typical Christmas activities. Of course, when we got home we had to get all of our shopping and gift-wrapping done in 3 days! Totally worth it!

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