Film Score Friday: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Aaand we’re back! Our Christmas break was nice and relaxing (I’ll post pics from our cruise later)! Since I am still acclimating to our school schedule, I decided to jump in to FSF with an easy-peasy and fun movie….

Director: Steven Spielberg
Music: John Williams

Notice that I used the original poster and title – it has been rebranded as “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

Alright. Spielberg and Williams. The most dynamic of all the dynamic duos! For the cherry on top, George Lucas wrote the story!

When I think of a fun, adventurous, heroic movie with a killer soundtrack … I think “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” I think I can credit Indiana Jones with my love of history and exploration. Vacationing with me can be an adventure! I find all the historical spots and visit all the museums! I just hope I never run into any Nazis.

It would be a great assumption if you thought that the track I wanted to highlight was “The Raiders March.” But it’s not! A few years ago, I watched John Williams conduct the Nashville Symphony (bucket list item: check!). He talked about how he loves to write music for the female characters in films. It’s his way of giving them a voice, one that speaks louder than their words.

So, let’s listen to “Marion’s Theme”….

This piece is slow and warm compared to the hard-hitting pace of the other tracks on this soundtrack. As a theme should, it is played whenever Karen Allen’s Marion is the subject for the viewer, even when her name is first mentioned causing Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones to take pause. You know from the lullaby-esque vibe that she is Indy’s love interest and is very important. However, when you meet Marion, she is anything but slow and warm! It’s as if their connection is the one thing that is not hectic in their lives … yet, it’s complicated!

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