Film Score Friday (on a Wednesday): Remember the Titans

With Thanksgiving this week, we moved our Film Score Friday to Wednesday. Because it’s finally feeling like football weather, we’re watching “Remember the Titans.” (This movie is always a favorite of ours, mostly because we are fans of the Tennessee Titans!)

Director: Boaz Yakin
Music: Trevor Rabin

This is Boaz Yakin’s only big hit as director. Composer Trevor Rabin has a great resume that includes National Treasure, Con Air, Armageddon, Gone in 60 Seconds…. He works a lot on Jerry Bruckheimer’s films. I can tell by the film’s score and a main actor’s pensive turn towards the camera that it’s a Bruckheimer movie. (Will Patton, I’m looking at you!)

This is an interesting movie when it comes to the film’s score. The soundtrack consists of popular R&B songs from the movie’s setting of summer and fall of 1971. The only instrumental track is “Titans Spirit”, which is 7 minutes long. So many sportscasts, including the Olympics, use this track. It’s not on iTunes or Spotify, but here it is on YouTube….

Personally, I am a sucker for emotional sports movies. Occasionally, I’m a sucker for Jerry Bruckheimer-produced movies. And I’m always a fan of epic film scores. “Remember the Titans” meets all the requirements!

Honestly, this is the type of movie I find predictable. The subject of racial discrimination seems a little watered-down. In fact, the focus is mostly on this diverse team learning to work together. It’s fine, though. It’s Disney. I get it. Give me all the clichés and cheesiness. In the end, it makes for great motivation clips on the big screens at sporting events!

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