Film Score Friday: Forrest Gump

I went back and forth on including this film. So much drama has surrounded it in the 21st century. It was originally considered sentimental and sweet, but now it’s seen as apolitical and shallow. Despite the now-woke critics, I do see an innocence in this film and I think it’s a good one to share with my kids.

Director: Robert Zemeckis
Music: Alan Silvestri

There is something nostalgic about Forrest Gump. Watching it as an adult, I do cringe at certain scenes that I was oblivious to when I was 15. And a lot has changed in my (and society’s) way of thinking about and viewing the world. Nevertheless, I have to remember that this was based on a book from 1986. It does take place primarily in the South. Forrest is said to have an IQ of 75. And this is fiction that was never meant to make a political or societal statement.

This is simply the story of a man…told from his point-of-view.

Because this film takes a walk through history, it makes sense to include music on the soundtrack from decades past: Elvis, CCR, Aretha, Dylan, Skynyrd, Beach Boys, Jimi, the Doors, and so many more! The film’s score is quite “vanilla” compared to all the popular music. The one track that I love is “I’m Forrest…Forrest Gump.”

There is a sweet, innocence to this track and I think it describes Forrest perfectly. It sounds very child-like with the tinkling of the piano, and very wonderous with the swaying of the strings. This introduces the audience to Forrest, his mother, their life, and Jenny.

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