Smoky Mountains

It’s been a couple years since we’ve vacationed with our friends (LC, CC, HC, & AC). In fact, the last time was fall break in 2019! We started planning this year’s fall break back in July, after the C’s returned from their trip to Yellowstone. CC had sent me a pic of their camp, where they stayed in a yurt! I was in love with the idea, and she told me they had a camp in the Smoky Mountains! Boom. Let’s fall break together and stay in yurts!

Under Canvas is a company with locations near several National Parks. It’s a great “glamping” experience! We had no wi-fi, no electricity in our tent, and the only time I had a single bar on my phone was when I was in bed with my phone in my extended arm above my head! It’s a great community feeling, much like a campground. We met many new families and all of our kids played every morning and night.

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