Asheville, NC

The family has been staring at the same walls within our house for too long! Mom started getting stir-crazy with summer coming to an end…and COVID-19 has kept us home the whole time. After staring at our map, our options were North Carolina or Alabama. We wanted something driveable!

After discussing the options with Roo, Mom proposed that the family head to North Carolina! Dad suggested it be a long weekend. After struggling to find lodging near the beach, it was decided to head to the mountains. (Something we all love about NC: they have mountains AND beaches!)

We came across JuneBug Retro Resort. It’s a campground with 1950’s RVs that have been restored and refurbished. Each RV is different, and sleeps different numbers of people. There are 10 RVs that are permanently fixed to the site, a common bathhouse with 2 separate units (only the larger RVs have a bathroom), a retro playground (Mom warned the kids not to play on the metal structures while the sun was out!), several hammocks, a creek, a large flower garden, a large organic garden, and an open-air treehouse!

Day One. The family headed to Lake Powhatan for a swim. We stayed a couple hours before leaving to get a late lunch. That night, we cooked hot dogs at the campfire…and roasted marshmallows!

Day Two. The family drove south to Lake Lure. This is where scenes from “Dirty Dancing” were filmed! We also walked on the Flowering Bridge and took a scenic drive around the lake. We ate lunch in nearby Chimney Rock, where we also played in the river and mined for gems. Then we drove up to Chimney Rock State Park…where the last 17 minutes of “Last of the Mohicans” were filmed. It was quite the view!

Day Three. This was the day to drive home. Originally, we had planned to drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway…but all the visitor centers were closed and Mom is all about getting that full educational experience! Dad made a last-minute decision and took us to the Biltmore Estate. We toured the gardens, the house, did a wine tasting (grape juice for the kids), and ate lunch. The kids (and Mom) are ready to go back and stay for a week!

It was a great trip, and a great escape! Even though all the businesses required face masks (we brought our own), it all went so smoothly! Masks were required inside all buildings, and only outside when social distancing wasn’t possible. It was nice to see everyone working together and all on the same page.

We can’t wait to start planning out next adventure!

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