Memphis, TN

We took a short-notice day trip to Memphis, Tennessee!

Places visited:
Memphis Zoo
Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid
The Rendezvous (BBQ)

The Drive
Memphis is about a 3.5-hour drive from Nashville. We left later than I wanted. We hit some traffic. We stopped for brunch. We stopped for gas. We took a detour to avoid traffic.

Basically, it turned into a 5-hour drive!

Memphis Zoo
It was a perfectly hot day to go to the zoo. The last time we were here, Roo was maybe a year old…and Bug wasn’t even a twinkle in our eyes! So it was fun to experience this place again!

The Giant Pandas are my favorite, and the girls were so excited to see them!

I vaguely remembered there was a fountain area for the kids to swim/play in, so I did pack extra clothes to change into!

Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid
For our next activity, we called an audible. Originally, we planned to visit Graceland (Roo loves Elvis), but it was too late and we didn’t reserve a tour. So, Dad suggested we go to the Pyramid.

We walked around looking at fishing poles, water sport equipment, boats, golf carts, archery equipment, and camping supplies.

Miraculously, we didn’t buy a single thing!

The Rendezvous
When in Memphis, it’s necessary to eat BBQ! Dad usually finds us a highly-rated hole-in-the-wall joint to eat at, but today he suggested we go classic with The Rendezvous!

I ordered the beef brisket…and it was legit! (And I could’ve eaten a tub of the beans and slaw!) Even my vegetarian Roo couldn’t pass up tasting the goodness! She nibbled on a couple of ribs from Dad’s plate!

The Drive Home
Totally uneventful! And it took us the appropriate 3.5 hours to get home!

Thanks to Bussin’ With the Boys (podcast) for keeping the drive entertaining!

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