Spring Break in Mexico

We had a family we are friends with move to Mexico last year. It was our goal to make a trip to visit them. Finally, we settled on the girls’ spring break and we made our way down!

Airports are fun when you are waiting for your connecting flight!

After arriving and getting settled, we had some pool time and went out for dinner. We ate at Tacos on the Street…and that was Mom’s first authentic Mexican street tacos experience!

L-R: AK, HT, Roo, & Bug

The next day, Dad & Roo took some surfing lessons and hit the waves! Dad was the first one in his group to ride a wave in (bragging rights), and Roo did amazing! As soon as she figured it out, she was catching waves with ease!

Dad is in purple, Roo is on the far right.

After dinner, we ate some yummy ice cream!

The next day, we drove into Puerto Vallarta. It was fun with all the kids! The girls really enjoyed all of the sights and foods!

We spent the next day hanging out at the pool and beach.

That night, Mom and Dad were able to enjoy a date night!

The next night, we all had an amazing dinner at Litibu Grill. The food was delicious, and the sunset view was amazing!

On our last full day, Mom & CC went stand-up paddleboarding. Then we all relaxed at the pool and beach. (FYI: Mom is an amazing floater! We’re gonna have to look into Guinness records…!)

That evening, we drove to San Pancho to watch some Luche Libre and eat dinner.

On our last day, because our flight was in the late afternoon, we spent the morning at the pool and headed out for a late breakfast. (Mom finally got her chilequiles!)

But the fun didn’t stop there!

We were keeping a secret that our family friends were moving back to Tennessee! They booked their flight home with us, so the adventure continued!

This trip was an amazing adventure! This was the girls’ first time getting their passports stamped. This was their first time exploring another country. They were champs at the travel game!

Most importantly, we are so grateful to our friends for allowing us to crash with them and having them take us on a culinary and cultural tour of their home for the last 9 months!

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